I. The organizer of the “CINELAND Loyal Customer Program” is Cineland OOD, with EIK 203209199.

II. The purpose of the loyalty program is to provide privileges and discounts for the customers (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”).

III. The program takes effect from 01.05.2024 and is valid for all cinemas of the CINELAND chain. The program is not limited in time. Cineland reserves the right to terminate the program under the conditions below.

IV. If you identify yourself through your membership card or your profile on the Cineland site/apps, when you spend money, we keep statistics about it and you accumulate points, which you can later use for rewards, according to the wording below.

V. We may periodically announce events and screenings that will be available only to members of the Program.

VI. With your registration, you accept these rules and undertake to comply with them.


чл. 7.01 To become a member of the Program, you must register for free on our website www.cineland.bg or in our applications for iOS (available for download from the Apple App Store under the name Cineland) and Android (available on Google Play under the name Cineland). Whichever registration option you choose, you will have one common profile for all electronic channels.

чл. 7.02 It is possible to register for membership in the Program at the box office of each of the cinemas.

чл. 7.03 Upon registration, you receive a membership card in electronic form.

чл. 7.04 Cineland does not issue a physical card for Program membership.

чл. 7.05 A mandatory condition for registration is to electronically confirm (validate) the email address you have specified. You will receive an email with an activation link. Click the link in it and the validation is complete.

чл. 7.06 In case you do not confirm your email address according to Art. 7.05 your account is considered inactive and cannot be used.

чл. 7.07 To the confirmed email address, we will send you your e-tickets, e-receipts, reservations, invoices, e-vouchers and up-to-date information about films and/or new releases in our cinemas.

чл. 7.08 Cineland is not responsible for lost information if you provided an invalid email upon registration or if you lose control of the email provided and are unable to receive email at that address.

чл. 7.09 In your electronic profile you can find the purchased online tickets and the reservations made.

чл. 7.10 The membership card can be used in all locations of the CINELAND cinema chain, regardless of where it was issued.

чл. 7.11 When registering for the Program, you must provide your real name, email and phone number, which we will later use to identify you. Please note that during any transaction, cashiers may ask you to identify yourself, especially in cases where you wish to use points for a product or service.

чл. 7.12 When you register for the first time you become a member of our loyalty program at the lowest level 1 “Bronze”. As you accumulate points and pass the corresponding threshold, you increase your level of membership in the above. The next higher level is Silver, followed by Gold and finally Platinum. The higher your membership level, the more privileges you get.

чл. 7.13 How to upgrade from a membership level to a higher one:

(a) upon reaching a total volume of 500 points – the system will automatically join you to the 2nd level of “Silver” membership;

(b) upon reaching a total volume of 1000 points – the system will automatically join you to the 3rd membership level “Gold”;

(c) upon reaching a total volume of 2000 points – the system will automatically join you to the 4th and highest membership level “Platinum”;

чл. 7.14 How is your membership level downgraded:

(a) If you have not made a registered purchase in one of our CINELAND cinemas for a period of 6 months the system will automatically lower your membership level by 1 level. Например: if you are a Silver member and have not made a registered purchase in one of our sites for 6 months, under the terms of these general conditions, the system will automatically lower your membership level to Bronze level.


чл. 8.01 First, it is important and mandatory that you inform the cashier that you have a membership in our club and provide the QR code of your membership card from your profile. This must be done before paying for your purchase!

чл. 8.01 If you place an order or purchase and you have not notified the employee or logged in to your electronic account, we will not be able to charge you points. It is not possible to add points later, even if you provide proof of purchase

чл. 8.03 As a member of the “Loyal Customers” program, you receive 1 point for every BGN 1.00 with which you paid for goods and/or services at CINELAND cinemas – regardless of whether at the box office or online, but subject to the condition of Art. 6.02.

чл. 8.04 The points we receive upon purchase are valid for 6 months from the date of acquisition. If they are not used within this period, the points are automatically destroyed.

чл. 8.05 From time to time we may announce a promotional “Happy Hour“, during which you will receive more points – according to the announced terms of the promotion.


чл. 9.01 You can exchange accumulated points for products and/or services offered in the CINELAND cinema chain by purchasing a voucher:

3D GLASSES 92 55 39 28
WATER 0,5 l 110 66 47 33
SODA 0,5 l 110 66 47 33
PRISUN 0,5 l 147 88 63 44
PEPSI 0,5 l 183 110 79 55
MIRINDA 0,5 l 183 110 79 55
7UP 0,5 l 183 110 79 55
LIPTON 0,5 l 183 110 79 55
POPCORN MID 257 154 110 77
POPCORN LARGE 330 198 141 99
NACHOS 2 DIPS 367 220 157 110
FREE TICKET 480 288 206 144

чл. 9.02 You can find the voucher in your electronic profile and you can use it online or at the box office of CINELAND cinemas.

чл. 9.03 Points remaining after purchasing a reward voucher can be used later, but within their validity period.

чл. 9.04 To use accumulated points on a card, you must:

(a) Being a cardholder;

(b) Present it to the cashier before the transaction;

(c) To authenticate that you are the holder of the card.

чл. 9.05 Accumulated points are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase with which they were charged. If you do not spend your points before they expire, your points will be destroyed.


чл. 10.01 It is absolutely forbidden to exchange points against which we pay you their BGN equivalent in cash.

чл. 10.01 The resale of tickets, services or products that have been purchased using points is strictly prohibited.


чл. 11.01 Any problems with the Program must be reported within three days to [email protected]. The e-mail with the signal must be sent from the e-mail address registered when the card was issued.

чл. 11.02 Cineland is not responsible if the accumulated points are misused as a result of theft/loss.

чл. 11.03 It is absolutely forbidden to transfer points from one card to another or from one account to another.

чл. 11.04 You can accumulate points from only two transactions per day, and the maximum points per transaction is 100 points.

чл. 11.05 You can only use one card in one transaction.

чл. 11.06 You can’t use part cash and part points payment in one transaction. The indicated points are non-reducible and not subject to any discounts. Accumulated points are not money and cannot be exchanged for money, accordingly the Club Card for the Program is not a credit or debit card and it cannot be used for financial transactions.

XII. From time to time, Cineland has the right to delete all accumulated and unused points, but with a notice given to the customers a period of one month to use the accumulated points. Check your profile on the website to see what the validity of accumulated points is.

XIII. Cineland reserves the right unilaterally and without notice to change these rules, to increase or decrease card prices, the number of points for exchange with products/services, as well as the type of products participating in the program. Information about the terms of use of the card will be published on LOYALTY PROGRAM – Cineland

XIV. In the event that a card has not been used for more than 6 months from the date of its issue, Cineland has the right to unilaterally close it and delete the accumulated points.

XV. Cineland undertakes not to terminate the current Loyalty Program without notice. The minimum notice with which Cineland will notify customers is 1 (one) month.

XVI. The card is issued by and remains the property of CINELAND.

XVII. The card cannot be shared with other persons. It is individual and can only be used by you.